Sunday, January 4, 2009

A few new things I think are interesting

So in two days a lot of stuff has happened. Well, not really, but it feels like it to me, or more like to my mind. I've started a few new books, my favorite being this compilation of Charles Bukowski poems and stories. So I've been reading a lot...

Yesterday my family and I went to the Portland Art Museum. I liked it.

Then I drove Mark to the airport, I liked that too.

Then today, Mom and I went to Swagat (mmm), and then went to see Frost/Nixon. I really, really liked it. I have a thing for Sam Rockwell, and even though his part was small I still love watching him act. It was a good enough movie that even though I wasn't alive for the Nixon crimes, I was still transfixed by the events on screen. I didn't check my clock once.

And now it's snowing again, and I'm wondering if there will be school tomorrow. I know there will be Clark, they wouldn't cancel the first day of the quarter, but maybe Camas will be cancelled. I think that would be funny.

I'm watching House right now and I miss House nights, a lot. I wish House was still on Tuesdays.

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