Tuesday, October 28, 2008

why can't forcasting be as easy as the weather forcast?

Clark is starting to stress me out. Not because of the classwork, I love the work honestly. It's just not really the freedom I expected. At least not yet. I guess I just have to be patient.

Hmm. A large source of aggravation in my life at the moment is the postponement of the 6th Harry Potter movie. I admit pushing it back to July wasn't a bad ideal fiscally, but for my emotional well being it's been stressful. Mark will say I'm being silly, but Harry Potter has been my guilty indulgence all my life. Love it.

Waiting for our e-mail from the MovieMob. I have full confidence we will be accepted. :)

Kinda excited for Halloween actually... Haven't been excited for Halloween in years. I'm gonna head over to Sam's and we're gonna watch scary movies. Uh oh, I smell a cliche! Ha, well I haven't hung out with Sam since the beginning of Summer. So, I'm excited.

I'm a little depressed I haven't gotten out to see the number of movies I usually do around this time... I try to make a point of going to see all the possible Oscar contenders, but this year I've been too busy. It's sad to me that school has taken away my main form of relaxation. Maybe tonight I'll see if my mom wants to go see a movie with me, ha.

Ehhhhhhhhh, this week just started and has already been extremely stressful. That always happens after a great weekend, though.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Ahoy mateys

Mark got a message for you, my dear friend Kenzi likes to not sign out of her blogger account

Oh what a wonderful weekend

This weekend was fucking crazy. Seriously.

Friday: school and whatnot, then Lindsay showed up and we decided that we're going to go out to dinner. We decided to head into portland to eat at Esparza's, if you've been my friend a while you've probably been there with me. It's sooo good:)

BUT, while we were eating lindsay's car got towed, we'd parked in the wrong parking lot on accident. At first we didn't know it was towed, she thought it was stolen, and so did I really. She was panicking and screaming until this wonderful old man who looked a lot like Santa Clause helped her and me to realize it had been towed by pointing out the oh so obvious sign saying it would get towed.. Ha. So then lindsay hysterical, understandably and we call her mom and wait and they come to get us. We got the car back but it was a pretty crazy two hours...

Then we decided to go to borders to calm down a bit, and ran into some kids named Anthony, Araabi and Patrick. That was fun. They're funny! We went to red robins and didn't get any food besides one burger and milkshake, and we left our buff waiter a note telling him about his manly arms. His name was Jason. I hope he understand the depth of our feelings for him.

So Lindsay spent the night.. We had fun ;)


Hung out with the bff mark. We didn't really do anything but fuck around with YouTube till we got hungry, went to pita, went to best buy (he's cheap and didn't buy anything even though he has a gift card), and went to get something to drink at whole foods. Debated getting krispy kreme but decided that was too far.

When we got back to his house we made our movie review blog:) and sent in our application to movie mob on reelzchannel!!! www.reelzchannel.com/moviemob

Go check it! We might be on TV! We sounded super cool:)

Then ended the night with some paners, and chilling at jeff and daniels house! Love themm:)

And that concludes my cool weekend;)

Saturday, October 25, 2008


mmmmm not supposed to swear!

Thursday, October 23, 2008


My mood changes so rapidly!

Today I'm happy. Even though I have 2 essays to write and 2 midterms to study for and a shitload of Moby Dick to read.

Yesterday I hit the garage door haha, pretty cool. Thought my dad was going to kill me, turned out I just got a short lecture on making sure I look where I'm going haha.

Tomorrow, hoping to see Lindsay. I miss her a lot. Saturday, chilling with Mark, jeff, and danielle!!! Man do i love those weekends :) We always have fun!

Well this is short

Saturday, October 18, 2008

sick sick sick sick

Let me tell you some of the things that frustrate me: liars, selfish people who change their minds about things without considering other people's feelings, bad movies, angry parents, closed minds, john mccain and sarah palin, itunes, apple, english projects, people who can't see past their own pain and realize that they're problems arent the only ones out there.

Took the PSAT's this morning. Not hard. Hoping i might qualify for that scholarship... probably not though.

I wanted to hangout with Lindsay tonight... was going to call her but realized I had to get up early to do homework... sucks.

It's odd to me how I get attached to certain people. I feel like I'm irritating them sometimes, because I always want to hangout, and I don't think they do. But it seems like I can't have any fun unless I'm with those people! I used to hangout with my mom alot (not lame), but i never do anymore. I don't even think I've been home on a saturday for a couple of months. I kinda feel bad, but not too bad.

Today wasn't really good. I don't know why, it just wasn't... I miss how I used to feel a couple months ago.

Thursday, October 16, 2008


I'm about to rip my fucking hair out! itunes is insufferable.

Let's see... today was alright. Got out of school at 11, took my mom and we went to go see the little snowshoe kitten; stayed there for about an hour just playing with her, went to Swagat (mmmmmm), the went to downtown pioneer place in the hunt for the elusive cute sweater (didn't find anything, it eluded us), then went and got a replacement iphone cause my screen cracked like 3 weeks ago. Now I'm at home trying to get my stupid fucking itunes to work!

Good things: 3
Bad things: 2

So i guess it was a semi-decent day when you get down to it.

Max Payne tomorrow with Mark! Pretty excited.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


This looks good. Guy Ritchie knows how to write a screenplay and direct. Too bad he married Madonna.

This looks more sweet. I'll probably see it with Lindsay or my mom or something. I like Rachel McAdams.

aaaand that's my recomendation!

fuck itunes

I'm trying to get this fucking music onto my itunes and it just doesnt seem to want to cooperate. fuck apple and fuck itunes, it's a bogus program. It shouldnt be that hard to get 100 new songs onto my phone. It shouldnt clear my whole library and make me reload it form my hard drive.

As you can tell i'm in a really fucking peachy mood.

So much work this weekend. Research paper, 2 midterm papers, 7 minute moby dick presentation, and US History chapter assignment for monday. Not to mention the PSAT on saturday.

So Obama dominated the last debate tonight, went out with a fucking bang. He's so intelligent. McCain is a dumbfuck with his blinking and his little fucking sneer. All he did was go on the attack, he never once denied anything Obama said because Obama never lied. He just attacked Obama and made him look better because Obama actually had intelligent answers and explanations that disproved McCains blatant LIES.

So a couple months ago we got these two kittens from the OHS. After about 3 weeks we had to give back the sweeter one becaue she apparently had an incurable feline disease, the Humane Society said they'd try and nurse her back to health but the chances were that she'd be put to sleep. So we gave her back sadly and didn't hear anything so we assumed she had been killed.

WELL, today we got a phone call from the Humane Society saying she's BETTER! We didn't even know she was alive, but apparently she's been cured (?) and we get her back saturday?
I'm pretty happy about it cause she was so fucking sweet, but I'm a little annoyed OHS let us think she was dead.

Well, long day. Shorter day tomorrow thank god.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


So apparently I have disformed bones?
My ulna is too long for my radius, and my radius didn't develop correctly so it's at a weird angle to my ulna, and all of this is putting pressure on all those little bones that make up my wrist and bruising them while simultaneously disintegrating the cartilage which lubricates my wrist joints.

pretty gnarly. I get to wear a wrist brace for two months, and if that doesnt work then a full arm brace, and if that doesn't work some sort of crazy surgery but I'm not too worried about that.

Hello ibeuprofen! I have a feeling we're going to be good friends.


Boring day... a little bit of homework which I'm avoiding. Don't want to go to the hospital, I hate hospitals.

I also don't want to do anything else concerning Moby Dick, because I hate it. I have to do a 7 minutes speech on the biblical references Melville uses in that stupid book, NEXT WEEK. I'm not usually one to complain about school.... because in all honesty I really love it, but this book is just insufferable. And to have to do it on anything to do with the bible is going to cause my gag reflex to go into overdrive during my presentation. The bible is full of dribble.

Tonight is House night! I'm always excited for house night because Gregory House is the god of all cable TV characters. If you watch house and want to see something funny... youtube "the black adder', Hugh Laurie in all his pre-house goodness as a gay prince of England. Rowan Atkinson is in it aswell.

Me and Mark are going to start a movie blog. We're gonna review movies with his computer camera like the Moviemob (www.reelzchannel.com/moviemob). It's going to be nice. I'll post them here.. We're pretty funny when we try.

I'm still tpying because it's a useful way to procrastinate cleaning my room and bathroom while also avoiding homework. Even if the interesting-ness of my topics has seriously declined.

My cat is attacking my face.

And with that jem of a fact, I bid you all adou.

Monday, October 13, 2008

jumping on the train

Oh look I'm following in Jeff and Marks footsteps with this whole blog thing, just seemed like too much fun to ignore :).

I don't really know what the point in getting this was, I have nothing to talk about, haha.
And when I do write something, it sounds a bit pathetic, but I guess I'll give it a go anyway.

Life revolves around a few things at the moment: school, friends, happiness.
Sounds average and boring.
That's because it is! I'm average and boring but somehow a few select people seem to find me unique and interesting?

Hey, lets go out and see a movie? I'd love to go to a movie right now... nice calming experience. Movies are the way to my heart, take me to one and we'll be friends forever.
Actually, I don't give away my eternal friendship to just anyone, so it would have to be a REALLY good movie.

Anyway, school tomorrow.

Oh and also, doctors tomorrow. Finally going to find out what's wrong with my fucking wrist, it's been killing me since I did something to it in Poland. Hopefully no fractures, cross those fingers!

And house party tomorrow! Always fun times with my bff mark.