Saturday, October 18, 2008

sick sick sick sick

Let me tell you some of the things that frustrate me: liars, selfish people who change their minds about things without considering other people's feelings, bad movies, angry parents, closed minds, john mccain and sarah palin, itunes, apple, english projects, people who can't see past their own pain and realize that they're problems arent the only ones out there.

Took the PSAT's this morning. Not hard. Hoping i might qualify for that scholarship... probably not though.

I wanted to hangout with Lindsay tonight... was going to call her but realized I had to get up early to do homework... sucks.

It's odd to me how I get attached to certain people. I feel like I'm irritating them sometimes, because I always want to hangout, and I don't think they do. But it seems like I can't have any fun unless I'm with those people! I used to hangout with my mom alot (not lame), but i never do anymore. I don't even think I've been home on a saturday for a couple of months. I kinda feel bad, but not too bad.

Today wasn't really good. I don't know why, it just wasn't... I miss how I used to feel a couple months ago.


Mark Balyshev said...

i never get tired hangingout with you!

I miss you already =[

Anonymous said...

kenzie we need chill more...

Mark is not the only one who misses you! =[[[