Wednesday, October 15, 2008

fuck itunes

I'm trying to get this fucking music onto my itunes and it just doesnt seem to want to cooperate. fuck apple and fuck itunes, it's a bogus program. It shouldnt be that hard to get 100 new songs onto my phone. It shouldnt clear my whole library and make me reload it form my hard drive.

As you can tell i'm in a really fucking peachy mood.

So much work this weekend. Research paper, 2 midterm papers, 7 minute moby dick presentation, and US History chapter assignment for monday. Not to mention the PSAT on saturday.

So Obama dominated the last debate tonight, went out with a fucking bang. He's so intelligent. McCain is a dumbfuck with his blinking and his little fucking sneer. All he did was go on the attack, he never once denied anything Obama said because Obama never lied. He just attacked Obama and made him look better because Obama actually had intelligent answers and explanations that disproved McCains blatant LIES.

So a couple months ago we got these two kittens from the OHS. After about 3 weeks we had to give back the sweeter one becaue she apparently had an incurable feline disease, the Humane Society said they'd try and nurse her back to health but the chances were that she'd be put to sleep. So we gave her back sadly and didn't hear anything so we assumed she had been killed.

WELL, today we got a phone call from the Humane Society saying she's BETTER! We didn't even know she was alive, but apparently she's been cured (?) and we get her back saturday?
I'm pretty happy about it cause she was so fucking sweet, but I'm a little annoyed OHS let us think she was dead.

Well, long day. Shorter day tomorrow thank god.

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