Tuesday, October 28, 2008

why can't forcasting be as easy as the weather forcast?

Clark is starting to stress me out. Not because of the classwork, I love the work honestly. It's just not really the freedom I expected. At least not yet. I guess I just have to be patient.

Hmm. A large source of aggravation in my life at the moment is the postponement of the 6th Harry Potter movie. I admit pushing it back to July wasn't a bad ideal fiscally, but for my emotional well being it's been stressful. Mark will say I'm being silly, but Harry Potter has been my guilty indulgence all my life. Love it.

Waiting for our e-mail from the MovieMob. I have full confidence we will be accepted. :)

Kinda excited for Halloween actually... Haven't been excited for Halloween in years. I'm gonna head over to Sam's and we're gonna watch scary movies. Uh oh, I smell a cliche! Ha, well I haven't hung out with Sam since the beginning of Summer. So, I'm excited.

I'm a little depressed I haven't gotten out to see the number of movies I usually do around this time... I try to make a point of going to see all the possible Oscar contenders, but this year I've been too busy. It's sad to me that school has taken away my main form of relaxation. Maybe tonight I'll see if my mom wants to go see a movie with me, ha.

Ehhhhhhhhh, this week just started and has already been extremely stressful. That always happens after a great weekend, though.

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Josh Brunsting said...

I must say, the trailers for the new Harry Potter flick look really good. I've never read a book in the series, but I may actually get out and give it a shot next year...

And I feel you on the stress problem. I could not be more stressed out right now, and it is only Tuesday...well, early Wednesday morning...Nice blog!