Monday, October 13, 2008

jumping on the train

Oh look I'm following in Jeff and Marks footsteps with this whole blog thing, just seemed like too much fun to ignore :).

I don't really know what the point in getting this was, I have nothing to talk about, haha.
And when I do write something, it sounds a bit pathetic, but I guess I'll give it a go anyway.

Life revolves around a few things at the moment: school, friends, happiness.
Sounds average and boring.
That's because it is! I'm average and boring but somehow a few select people seem to find me unique and interesting?

Hey, lets go out and see a movie? I'd love to go to a movie right now... nice calming experience. Movies are the way to my heart, take me to one and we'll be friends forever.
Actually, I don't give away my eternal friendship to just anyone, so it would have to be a REALLY good movie.

Anyway, school tomorrow.

Oh and also, doctors tomorrow. Finally going to find out what's wrong with my fucking wrist, it's been killing me since I did something to it in Poland. Hopefully no fractures, cross those fingers!

And house party tomorrow! Always fun times with my bff mark.

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