Sunday, October 26, 2008

Oh what a wonderful weekend

This weekend was fucking crazy. Seriously.

Friday: school and whatnot, then Lindsay showed up and we decided that we're going to go out to dinner. We decided to head into portland to eat at Esparza's, if you've been my friend a while you've probably been there with me. It's sooo good:)

BUT, while we were eating lindsay's car got towed, we'd parked in the wrong parking lot on accident. At first we didn't know it was towed, she thought it was stolen, and so did I really. She was panicking and screaming until this wonderful old man who looked a lot like Santa Clause helped her and me to realize it had been towed by pointing out the oh so obvious sign saying it would get towed.. Ha. So then lindsay hysterical, understandably and we call her mom and wait and they come to get us. We got the car back but it was a pretty crazy two hours...

Then we decided to go to borders to calm down a bit, and ran into some kids named Anthony, Araabi and Patrick. That was fun. They're funny! We went to red robins and didn't get any food besides one burger and milkshake, and we left our buff waiter a note telling him about his manly arms. His name was Jason. I hope he understand the depth of our feelings for him.

So Lindsay spent the night.. We had fun ;)


Hung out with the bff mark. We didn't really do anything but fuck around with YouTube till we got hungry, went to pita, went to best buy (he's cheap and didn't buy anything even though he has a gift card), and went to get something to drink at whole foods. Debated getting krispy kreme but decided that was too far.

When we got back to his house we made our movie review blog:) and sent in our application to movie mob on reelzchannel!!!

Go check it! We might be on TV! We sounded super cool:)

Then ended the night with some paners, and chilling at jeff and daniels house! Love themm:)

And that concludes my cool weekend;)

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