Saturday, November 1, 2008

Sleep deprivation

Last night was holloween. I am so fucking tired this morning. No sleep last night. None. So many people at Sams, it was crazy. Midnight trip to walmart (gross) with 8 people in a car that seats 5. I hate walmart. Anyway, movie watching and xbox playing till the early hours of the morning, when ken came down and told us to shut the fuck up because linda was trying to sleep.

I'm getting so aggitated with the election. 2 years of campaigning and we're only 3 days away from the real thing. I don't understand how the race is so close. McCain is so manic. All you have to do is watch the debates and you can see him going crazy. Blinking and twitching. His politics are outdated. Tax cuts foe the wealthy and for big business. No gay marriage, abortion, or universal health care. Education cuts and a SPENDING FREEZE? A spending freeze is a BAD idea. Some programs can't afford to be cut off from funding. Education, healthcare, environmental services. Obamas approach is much more practical, to through the budget and trim out the programs that are no longer needed, not everything!!!

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Marc said...

Unfortunately, McCain's politics are rooted in a strong base that really does believe in the things he's saying. It's tempting to try and shake them until they listen to reason, but in most cases it's more trouble than it's worth. Believe me, I've tried. ;)

The best thing we can do is reach out to the undecided and present them with an objective view of how the candidates' politics would work in the real world. In the end, it's a lot easier to attract the attention of people who haven't been listening than to change the minds of people who have been listening to the wrong things all along.

Nice blog, by the way. Not sure how you stumbled across mine, but thanks for reading!