Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Going back and editing because I was a little crazy on election night.
I'll keep the cool picture and general statement, though.



Anthony Preciado said...
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Anthony Preciado said...

Maybe I'm missing something key, but how exactly would electing McCain put Sarah Palin on the supreme court?
(other comment deleted due to typo.)

Anthony Preciado said...

Are you referring to the time that Cheney was "confused" as to what branch of the government he was a part of?
And "illegally" manipulate the supreme court?
When did this happen?

Also, Sarah Palin would have no power over the Supreme Court if she was vice president. She would have to be somewhat intelligent to be able to influence it, so it was unlikely.

Anthony Preciado said...

haha, its cool, I understood what you meant.