Tuesday, November 18, 2008

All I can think about is child abuse while sitting here in borders and watching an Alec Baldwin look-a-like drinking a coffee and working away on his computer. He's a funny man, that Alec Baldwin. Calling his daughter a little pig and making her cry hahahahahahha, fuuuuuuuunnny.

Saw Quantum of Solace on Friday with Mark. It was decent, not that I have any other Bond movie as of late to compare it with. The only other James Bond movies I've seen are with Sean Connery and you know it's hard to compare two films from such different time periods. Daniel Craig is rather attractive, it had to be said, and probably a lot of my enjoyment in the movie came from being able to watch him be manly for 2 hours. I'm not really big into action movies though, so really it didn't do much for me. Good as far as action is concernced.

Tonight is House night and I'm getting stressed with where this season is taking itself.

House Wishlist:
-Wilson should have stayed away, his character is becoming boring and too subserviant to House.
-House needs to persue Cuddy more.
-More banter between 13 and House, it's always funny.
-More focus on the medical conditions and a bit less on the social situations, excluding what I mentioned before.

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