Thursday, February 5, 2009


Today has been excellent. Forecasted for next quarter classes, and I am going to have a very cool schedule for spring. Monday/Wednesday History of Film from 12-1:50 then Tai Chi at 3 for an hour. Tuesday/Thursday Psychology from 2:30-4:50. I'm really excited! Next quarter is going to be my play quarter. :O!

About 100 pages into No Country the book. It's so weird how precisely the Coen Bro's adapted that book to the movie, almost every single line is the same. I think I might like reading it more than I liked watching it, though.

Also, My Chem. Romance should never remake a Bob Dylan song again, I think it might crush my soul into tiny little bits. This one was bad enough. Don't care that MCR is in Watchmen, whatever, it's just a soundtrack and has no real relevance to the movie, but please, don't deface the amazing genius that is Bob Dylan. Please never again.

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