Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Smiles and good feelings at the end of 2008

I feel like this year has brought good things, much more good than bad. My friendships have grown, my grades have improved, my relationship with my family is better, and my interests have broadened. I've seen lots of movies, I've gotten new kittens, and I've forgiven someone who I believed was unforgiveable.

Mark, Lindsay, Kela, Jeff, Danielle THANK YOU. Thank you for making this year so much better for me. Thank you for reminding me that I need friends and can't just shut myself away. Thank you for putting up with me even when my crazy starts to show. Thank you for forgiving me when I do wrong. Thank you for making me feel important. Thank you for hanging out with me. Thank you for seeing movies with me. Thank you for indulging in my strange neurocies (spit). Thank you for loving me!

I love all of you, and none of you know the extent to which you've affected me. That sounds stupid, but you have. Those of you who knew me last year, you can probably see how much happier I've gotten in the last year. I owe you 5 everything.


Jeff4Life said...

Your welcome babe and thank you for such an amazing year too Lets have another Good one you knowz

Mark Balyshev said...

I love you sweets

Jeff4Life said...
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Anonymous said...

I love you Kenzie..

You have made 2008 an amazing year..=]